Monday, November 05, 2007

Lil' Nipper

boss lady, originally uploaded by toyfoto.

Have you ever seen a Jack Russell terrier in action?

Tiny dogs with spunk. They've been known to take on dogs three times their size and win. They've got personality enough for five dogs. They don't just walk they strut ... with bravado. As if they owned the world.

That's our Annabel.

Mighty mite.

She's not afraid to make the rules. And change them. Mid game. She's not afraid to call the shots.

Dog-gone it if people don't listen. ... And do as commanded.

It's pretty frightening, actually.


Leeanthro said...

Love it!

My daughter just started the hands-on-your-hips-mouth-in-a-pout stance. Too bad it doesn't work on me.

And not even with the foot stomp!

Binky said...

That is the kind of photo I'd frame and keep on my nightstand. Absolutely timeless.

Firestarter5 said...

Annabel has no equals.