Thursday, May 21, 2009

Random Question Thursday

Magnify or Reduce? More or Less?

Ah ... small is the new huge, right?

I'm thinking we're probably all in need of a little downsizing. Fairly certain I'll be starting with the closets. Hoping to just toss things I haven't worn, thought about or laid eyes upon during the last two years.

What are you looking to gain (or lose)?


Anonymous said...

Reducing! Been giving a lot of toys to Jayden's playschool. Our clothes in storage has been reduced by half (getting rid of baby stuff is so sad). We've been giving away to friends and setting things aside for the bi-annual rummage sale for charity.... I'm on a real purge binge, even my art room is getting pared down.

toyfoto said...

I wish I were organized enough for a garage sale. Mine never go that well.

Jed just got rid of a box of old flannel shirts; they're headed to some girl in NYC who told him they are stylish now.

*shaking head*

Anonymous said...

Weight. Clothes. Stuff.

Wish it would happen. But that would require planning and executing.

Anonymous said...

You know how I love to get rid of things. We just had a garage sale (at Brian's parent's house) a couple weeks ago. Still a few things left to unload, including the last of the baby carriers (sniff).

toyfoto said...

I know. .. the baby stuff is going to hurt my heart. I'm saving some baby stuff though. If I LOVED it, can fold it small and fit it into a plastic tub, it's staying.