Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Some days are just bad

happy mother's day

There's just no getting around it: Some days are bad.

Feet-stomping, frazzled, frustrating, fearful days. (Do all bad things begin with F?)

They can be the kind of bad that psyches you out: Days that seem like a good days, but, oh, look over there, on the horizon ... storm clouds are brewing.

They can be the kind of bad that gets better ...

or the kind of bad that gets worse.

They can be the kind of bad in which worse or better depends on one's level of optimism or one's ability to cope.

They can be the kind of bad that, when compared to other people's bad days, make you look like the winner of the lottery. Which, let's face it, can also be bad.

These bad days might even be good days when compared to other days still to come ... hopefully far, far away days.


mamatulip said...

God, that picture is brilliant. It just sums it all up.

kblanz said...

Yes, I think all bad things (and smells) start with "F".

Kcoz said...

That outfit Annabel is wearing is funny, color coordinated but still amusing…love the boots!

What is that look all about?
It appears to be in regards to the plant at her feet.


toyfoto said...

Oh yes. That look was momentary and only because I asked her to "put down the plant for a second ... let me try a picture without the plant." I took the picture and then said ... "ok ... you can pick it up again."

Should know by now directing the "action" doesn't usually go over well.