Monday, April 10, 2006

Games we played this weekend

guess what she's saying?
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... with Amah and Papa
"Made tupcakes you, mama. I made you tupcakes. See! THERE!"
"Tum on, Tum on ... stop following me .... AHHHHHH."
"I'll have pata, and that and that and that. What are you havin' papa?"
(To waitress) "Papa's donna have Tunafush sanweege."

... with Mommy and Daddy
"Dance you me."
"I lub you. I LUB you!"
"Bid Hug peas. Bid hug."
"Pick up me."
"I do up there, daddy. I do up there."
"I want to hep make toffee."
"No pishers, Mama."
"Dance you me, mommy."
"Do it again."

... with Maddy and Maggie:
"Sit for bituts, Maddy and Madowin ... Sit for bituts."

"Play tatch with me, Madowin. Play NOW! Do det it, Madowin. Do DET IT."

playing catch

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