Thursday, April 27, 2006

Scrub-a-dub dub, kidlet in the tub

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Oh, yeah. That's our little dirt girl splashing in the bath. She's over her fear of soap and water, for a little while anyway. Three days in a row now she has gone willingly into the tub. She has even asked for more water.

It just fills my heart with warm cozy dust bunnies when she sings songs she splices together from memory. I especially love it when she adds words that are far beyond my grasp of English. One of her favorite numbers, I am pleased to report, is still the "Itsy Bitsy Pieader climbs up the rain, tinkle, tinkle stars."

We're diligently working toward every-other-day hair washings. So far we've done NOT-in-a-MILLION-YEARS shampoo sessions, and they are not fun. Last night, I'm pleased to report that Annabel DID raise a washcloth to her hair and let the ends get damp. ... I guess it's a start.

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cmhl said...

she is beautiful!!