Sunday, April 23, 2006

Invention is the necessity of mothers - Helpful Hint #2

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It's been raining for two days and the park at the end of the street seems like a continent away. We've been trying to get to the playground every chance we get now that the weather has changed from naughty to nice. This afternoon, after a marathon nap, Annabel and I went to pick up "Amah" and go shopping.

Amah wanted to get ittybit some new spring duds, and we figured a rainy Sunday was probably a good time to go shopping. Annabel was stoked. Of course when we got to Old Navy (the stand-alone store, because everyone and their mothers were at the mall) Ittybit was sorely disappointed. As we walked through the sliding doors, her dismay was phrased in the form of a question: "Where's the food, mama?"
Luckily her thunderclouds never errupted into a storm because a minute was all it took for her to spot the brightly colored soccer balls in the center display area. It was all downhill from there. She happily played soccer with me and Amah and even some of the store clerks. She ran and jumped and tossed a few free throws up and down the aisles.

She didn't forget about the lack of food between chip shots into the capris and purple flip-flops. While we were waiting in line to make our purchases she gently let us know she'd like a snack. "NEED FOOD NOW, MAMA. FOOOOOOD."

Somewhere between T-shirts and PBJ bagels the rain let up. All the puddles ripe for splashing in. As luck would have it we had no extra pants but we did have rainboots. Though her feet stayed dry her pants were drenched from the ankles up.

I'm not sure why I thought this wouldn't be an issue, but I naiively assumed i could just strip off her soggy togs and have her sit in the carseat with a blanket. Nope, no way, no how, never in a million years! "Not wanna be Nakey."
Of course we bought everything except PANTS.
So I try to trick her by putting the sleeves of a tunic on her legs and telling her they are stretch pants. After I get her all buckled in, she pulls the shirt bottom up to her chin and lets me know my ruse has failed. I can tell by the look on her face she's already thinking about her learn to dress books at home and wondering if I couldn't use a refresher course - "This is a SHURT, mama. Not pants! Not pants."

***Of course if you try this tip on a kid not confined to a carseat, pull the shirt up over the diaper and snap the onsie over top of the "pants." Fair warning: Bunching may occur.

Ummm. ... update. Helpful Hint #2a - Waste not, want not ...
Me: Can I have the sourdough bagel with peanut butter?
Bagel guy: Sure. Would you like anything else?
Me: No, that'll be it. She'll never eat the whole thing ... I mean she'll probably just lick off the peanut butter and I'll get the rest.
Bagel guy: ........?!?!!
Me: I said that outloud, didn't I?"

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Be Still said...

Can't stop LOL at the bagel story... what a hoot!

Jude loves the soccer balls at Old Navy too. They must roll them in cocaine or something because every toddler in the store was swarming around the ball display. We are now the reluctant owners of a red one. It was a small price to pay to avoid what you call "thunderclouds".