Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Helpful household hint #1

rub the belly
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Diaper wipes work wonders on CDs and DVDs.

When the Walt Disney classic "Cinderrrrr-edda" became so grungy (from being dragged all over the house by grubby little toddler fingers) that it skipped right over the introduction and Annabel's favorite song, I decided it couldn't hurt to try a little experiment. Figuring the disc was one step away from going in the trash, I swirled a diaper wipe around its scratched and smudged underside, then dried it on the tummy of my T-shirt (circular motion). Voila! Just like new.

Annabel was terribly impressed and I was dumbfounded. I still can hardly believe it worked! Of course, now she thinks all cds should get the Tummy rub.

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Mom101 said...

I will happily take that tip! CDs seem to be the new teething rings in our home, dontcha know.