Friday, April 14, 2006

A stranger in our midst

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Tonight we successfully kept the television in its upright and locked position. It took some doing, but we were able to keep her interested in puzzles, coloring and books long enought to forget about "Curse of the Were Rabbit," all three "Winnie the Poohs" and "Totoro."

We're not proud of it, but Annabel is a television junkie, especially when it comes to Japanese animation and English claymation. (Let there be no imitation). So tonight after she went grocery shopping with Jed and we walked around in the rain, I was surprised when she decided she wanted to play puzzles on the porch rather than become a potato on the couch. For more than an hour she put together all of the foam alphabet and numbers puzzles and half of the shapes puzzle before she decided she'd like to color. She was happy to read, and sit at the table for dinner and play with playdoh after the dishes had been cleared away.

As I sit and study her through squinty eyes, I wonder: "Just who is this imposter? Certainly she is NOT our child."

When it's time for bed, I think, she will return to me. But instead another child clamors into her room, climbs up on the bed and says "Booktime!" This one has weasled two chocolate eggs and an extra book before bedtime. And when it's time for the final "Big Hug" and "Little Kiss," she offers me an olive branch. Mommy, do det your cam-ra. You can take pishers."

It may have been a stall tactic but boy was it sweet.

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Be Still said...

It sounds like chocolate should be in your model's list of rockstar demands!

Cute story!