Friday, April 28, 2006

How fast they grow

How fast they grow ...
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Dear Annabel,

I can't believe it's been more than two years since you came to live with us. From the moment we took you home from the hospital we marveled at the perfection of you.

As I looked into your closet and chest of drawers this morning, I was reminded of how fast you are growing. The overalls I bought just a few weeks ago will have to have their straps adjusted for the second time. You are fully out of all of your 18-month clothes. There are still garments from your first year in the top drawer. I can't make myself pack them away just yet.

I went to work on Monday morning, leaving you with Lori, speaking three-word sentences and came home Monday evening to find you having whole conversations with your toys that included all parts of speech. You looked up at me and asked, "Are you OTay, Mama?"

Did it show?

Now that you are growing into the person you are to be, I just wanted to say that, from my vantage point, you are still the girl I knew you to be from the start: strong willed, opinionated, intelligent, compassionate, lovely and amazing.


From the other mom's house ...

Fractured fairytales, episode 1.
Lori didn't want the BABY BOY to have Annabel's crayons so she thought long and hard about a way to keep the players separated.
"How would you like to color in your playpen?" she asked. To which Ittybit answered enthusiastically in the affirmative. Not only did she take her shoes off to make herself more comfortable as she colored, but she had to ward off even MORE attention from THE BOY.

"There she was a princess in her tower and he's the prince who can't get inside. The only difference is that in this fairy tale the princess wants time to herself: 'What do I have to do, build a moat? GET AWAY!'"

... So much for lovely.

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