Wednesday, April 05, 2006

This is not going to be pretty

night and day

So we have a binky-addicted two-year-old who has been weaned from daytime access with a moderate degree of suceess. The problem, however, lies in the fact that her mother (that would be me) gives her unrestricted access whenever she's sick. As you might imagine the whole process of doing without a soother has to start all over again once she's back on the mend.

So I am hoping the Internet will help: If you had a child who successfully gave up the pacifyer before they went to their first kegger, or if you even know of one, please (I beg of you) share a little of the magic in the comments section. Thank you.


Heather said...

I do not have any children, but my mom had great success with "the puppy ate it." Also some other friends of mine have had success with the binky fairy. You gather up all the binky's and put them in a bag and leave them for the binky fairy who is going to come and take them to children who need binkys. Then she will leave a suprise after she takes the binky. Hey, it's worth a shot.

Nikki said...

Both of my children were binky owners.

My daughter was "weaned" from it at 20-months when we accidentally lost it on a walk. We didn't realize it was gone until she need it to sleep and when we passed it on the way home, she just waved goodbye. The first few days were rough, but after that she was fine.

My son had speech delay issues and had to be weaned from a bottle at 10-months per a doctor's recommendation. At 12-months (while his father was away at a training course, so major changes all at once) I stopped giving him the binky as well. It was NOT easy and it DID break my heart, but after 3 nights he was good to go.

Maybe you could find her a different type of soother - a blanket, stuffie, special pillow, etc. Allow her to pick it out and explain to her that if she ever feels nervous/sad/tired (or any other emotion that might make her want the binky), that she can hug that new lovey and it will help.

It all else fails, I've heard (though I haven't tried it) that cutting the rubber nipple from the binky will make a child lose interest fairly quickly.

Good luck!

- nicole/leila.jay @ flickr

Oz said...

I don't have any advice for you. I never gave my daughter a paci because I was afriad of this exact situation. The people who I know who have used pacifiers all tell the same tale about taking it away and the difficulty of going cold turkey, but then it was over.

By the way, great, great photos on your blog....