Wednesday, December 12, 2007

And peels of laughter ensue

ME: So I think I'm going to try making chocolate covered orange peels for Christmas.

HIM: *blink. blink. blink*

Orange peels?

ME: Yeah. Orange peels. They're candied ... you know, like marmalade?

You blanch the orange peels and then simmer them in a simple syrup for an hour. Then you let them dry and dip them in melted chocolate.

HIM: *blink. blink. blink*

Orange peels?

ME: OK, just think of it as half healthy.

HIM: No hon, it's half compost.

ME: Oh well, more for me then.


Alissa said...

my mom makes candied orange peel... i have to agree with your husband... half compost. i suck off the sugar and toss the orange...

Carl said...

Brilliant idea. I may have to do this.

Our big Christmas thing is to stick cloves into oranges and leave them around the room. The scent is unbelieavable.

Jessamyn said...

Were they delicious? Mine were (are!)!

toyfoto said...

They were/are. Even mr. compost liked them. Next I will try and make them look appetizing.