Saturday, December 08, 2007

Down time

icing her back like daddy, originally uploaded by toyfoto.

He slipped, jerked his back and hurt his shoulder.

It wasn't the best timing. Not that you can plan your accidents, but the Saturday we were planning on getting a Christmas tree, decorate said evergreen and perhaps start the process of making food gifts for the holidays ... he would have liked to have a full range of motion.

Nevertheless, we were able to accomplish much of what we'd set out to do. We got the tree, he got it upstairs, I put the lights on and many of the decorations.

There was a moment of panic for a minute as box after box of supposed Christmas ornaments turned out to be dead light strands and plain old tissue paper. I envisioned having the tree festooned in recycling (a trick I learned in college) when what to my wondering eyes should appear but a crazy long box with a smattering of duct tape here and there

Rejoice! It contained the goods: dozens of ornaments collected over the years sans children, dozens of ornaments created in the last three plus years by Annabel or her big people and a few dozen origami cranes made by yours truly to relieve nervous tension.

And therein also contained nearly 70 ornaments made in the past two years and exchanged by members of an internet moms' group.

Seriously. As I sat there, drinking my refreshing beverage and watching Ittybit hang the last of the origami birds, I wondered how we ever filled a tree before Please Send Vodka. But the most miraculous part is that every year I think the idea of making 30 to 40 ornaments to send around the country, and in some cases round the world, is just too much. But really, hanging up last year's ornaments while getting this year's in the mail? Worth every bead of sweat and glue, I swear.


Sarah said...

I stumbled across your blog and have become a feed reader. I love your photo's. What type of camera do you use?? Beautiful work with photo editing, and I love the mugs on the top header!

toyfoto said...

Thank you sarah, i'm glad you've taken the bait, so to speak.

I use a Nikon D70.