Monday, December 24, 2007

Santa Claus is coming to town ...

he's not so bad, originally uploaded by toyfoto.

Well ... he comes to our house on Christmas Eve and brings a "teaser" present.

The jolly old elf shows up in an SUV and brings presents to all little girls and boys in our village, courtesy of the local fire department's Santa Claus Club. It's all very sweet, really. This is Silas' first year (obviously) and and Annabel's second. (We were traveling during the holidays the times before that). The town's Santa reminds children to be good and get plenty of sleep so he can come back and fill the house presents.

And ... it's past 11 and we're still waiting for the girl to pass out.

Currently, she's in her room. Awake. And has been for the last three hours. ...

Santa has plans for her room. ... so he's sitting with us watching "Something About Mary" on HBO. (He thinks there's too much potty humor in it though).

Ahhhhh. Christmas. Here's hoping yours is merry and bright ... and somewhat bushy tailed tomorrow morning.

My guess is Santa's going to be mainlining caffeine by sun up.


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Whirlwind said...

Merry Christmas. Ours didn't want to go to bed last night either.

the mad momma ( said...

ohmy.god. look at those shoes. they are the cutest!