Friday, December 28, 2007

Somebody must have bribed her ... that's all I can think

her name is Selene, originally uploaded by toyfoto.

Remember I told you about my vision for an Earthy-crunch Christmas? A holiday without a cadmium-lead-toxic-cocktail of toys?

I spent hours and hours on Etsy, scoured the Web for toys that didn't have the Made in China label and plunked down dollars for lots of things I assumed would be well loved a long, long, time from now ... when she was older, and could appreciate the beauty of natural fibers.

I was wrong.

Tonight Annabel played with the handcrafted doll for hours. She carried her around in her new doll sling, rocked her in the new horse swing and put her to bed in her basket, being careful to wrap her in her blanket and tuck in the doll's own softie toy.

I still don't really believe my doll-dissing daughter has adopted this little beauty as her charge.

Perhaps this newly discovered love of dolls was jump started by fact that I had a a sling made for her in the same fabric as mine.

But who can predict the mind of a preschooler? I've was even wrong about the name. (I thought she'd likely name the doll after her favorite TV personality, Emily Yung).

"Her name is Selene. ... or maybe Angelina ... No. Selene. I'll call her Selene. Yeah, that sounds good."


Whirlwind said...

Where did you get the child sized sling from? I've been dying to pick one up for Meenie and Moe.

toyfoto said...

I got it from babe-a-gogo on etsy. I asked her to make a child's size sling for us and she did. Her work is beautiful.

Leeanthro said...

Yeah, my 3yo suddenly is playing with her Bitty Baby that I got her *last* Christmas. She's dressed up like a princess and acting all girly. I think Santa pulled a bait-and-switch on me and replaced my daughter, my pirate-loving daughter!