Saturday, October 18, 2008

I am giddy ...

Binky and her lovely family are coming to our house this weekend for a little meetup. Being so excited about her visit, I must admit I feel bad that I kinda damned her last week when she posted a link to a VW internet novelty in which you can make a baby (and see what the baby would look like if the baby indeed looked like you).

Since my children bear no resemblance to me ... or the didn't when they were first born at any rate ... I was excited to see the results.

But I was at work. And we didn't have the latest flash there. And I didn't have photos (or time) anyway. Yet I knew I'd forget the thing (and where I'd seen it) when I got home.

So I cursed her.

And promptly forgot the whole thing.

Even when she reminded me of the experiment while we conversed in e-mail concerning the logistics of our visit (TODAY!) I never wrote it down in my to-do list.

But every email we swapped - I realized now - had "My Baby, Brought to You By the Internet" in the subject line.

So on the eve of their arrival, I finally remembered ... "Oh, right. I was going to ... make a baby

And hoooo was it ever EYE-OPENING!

Who knew Jed and I would make Suri Cruise?

Anyway ... Binky, I hope you can forgive me for cursing you ...

and for whatever my dog does to wake you up at 5 a.m.


apathy lounge said...

Reminder to self: Get together with other bloggers. I'm missing out. Or move to the New England area where more of them live.

Binky said...

Your Internet Baby is so much cuter than mine. And s/he DOES look like Suri.

Your Real Life children are damn cute, too. Thank you so much for the fantastic visit. We all had such a good time. And your dog was the perfect host. I didn't witness a single incidence of incontinence.

melanie said...

I played this a number of times yesterday after reading your post. Thankfully real-life-baby turned out much cuter than the three fake-internet-babies I made. :)