Thursday, October 16, 2008

Why Sarah Palin IS just like me ...

Ok, I know I said that I'd said my piece (until November) about elections and politics and whatnot, but hell, I don't have to be consistent. I'm not running for higher office.

Thing is, lately I've been taking great pleasure in saying "she's just like me," copping a gushing tone and all, when people ask me what I think about Sarah Palin.

It's cruel, I know, but I can't seem to stop. What I've learned from the little experiment has been somewhat enlightening.

Often people will tell me what it is that really irks them about her candidacy. Lots of people confess the biggest reason they don't agree with her is that she has her baby up on stage late at night when he should be in bed.

Really? That's what irritates you the most? Huh.

Now generally, a few minutes after my statement clears the room most folks will return and quietly ask me if I was serious about feeling a kinship to Palin because they know me and they don't think I'm anything like her.

What they don't know is how late my kids stay up.

During Wednesday's presidential debate, for instance, Silas was still up milling about as Jed and I plunked our ever-expanding posteriors onto the couch to watch the debate between Obama and McCain. The gates were up, the toilet seat was down, (sure the small heating in the floor was open since the grate that covers it had recently been painted [did I forget to mention we finally got a tiled floor in the bathroom this week?] but there’s no real hazard in that) we decided to let him tucker himself out while we watched the boob tube.

As I listened to the telly with one ear and the kitchen with another, I realized the baby was quietly opening and closing the drawer where we store plastic place settings, and then opening and closing the bathroom door.

There goes the drawer again.

… And the door.





Eventually, he came into the living room, climbed up on the couch and fell asleep with little fanfare.

Jed found out what the little imp had been doing when he took a break to use the newly appointed facilities:

"He stuffed all his sippy cups into the heating vent," he laughed.

"See! We got their Joe the Plumber* right here!"


Christina said...

Nice!! My little one was up too as he usually is at that hour, lol.

Bill said...

Has Silas thought of running for public office?

Anonymous said...

Every morning when I get up with Jayden we do a little routine where he points at all the doors that need to be closed and squawks until I close them. They include his sister's room, the art/storage room and the bathroom.

Congrats on your new floor.