Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pink lady

stand-in or sit-in, as it were, originally uploaded by toyfoto.

That's Annabel and her friend, "Bah!"

She may two-dimensional but she's not skeptical.

And she can release her own seatbelt.*

*That's what I told the three-dimensional Annabel when she asked why the paper doll wasn't wearing it.


Anonymous said...

Cute! If paper Annabel wants to visit Taiwan, we'd take pictures of her adventures and send her back (probably with a paper Jaylene to play with)

toyfoto said...

Awesome idea!!! I'll ask Annabel.

Kelly Anne said...

Kids around here (and other places... I think...) do Flat Stanley, a flat doll that they color and take pictures of in various different places (sending him to "visit" friends or family, or along on trips).


It's a really cool project - maybe Flat Annabel wants to see the world?