Thursday, October 09, 2008

Sad Songs (Say So Much)

girlhood, originally uploaded by toyfoto.


When I was three

Or maybe I was two.

No, I was three.

He took my heart


And he took my place

When I was using it

He took my place

When I was still using it.

All the ones (parents)

Loved him not me

Because he took my place

And he took their hearts

They only love the one who took my spot

Not me


Sarah said...

powerful. Sometimes I feel like our oldest thinks the same. He and the little one are 8 years apart.... but still, it's sad to me. You love them the same, but they see more time committed to the other (in their eyes) because of the diapers, feedings, needs to be met - less independance in babies seems to create a miscommunication of more love for the baby to an older sibling.

We have to tell ourselves, we're doing the same for both - even if it's a different kind of attention. Each child is loved just as much as the other!!

What do you do when she says those things??? I wonder....

toyfoto said...

I hugged her and sang back to her ...

"I love you both the same.

No one took your place.

He just took your high chair

...and you didn't need it anyway."

Shutter Bitch said...

Oh, stabby stabby pain in the heart. Ouch!

I love your response to her, though.

And I would add a line:
No one took your place,
He's one more who loves you

toyfoto said...

Good addition!

kimmyk said...

oh that cut me to the core.
totally gutted.

and she's not even mine.

bless her heart...the whole not me...

where they get this stuff i tell ya.

i think a day of pampering and spoiling is in order. or that whats i would do cause she would have made me feel so darn guilty....

i'm such a sucker.

Firestarter5 said...

Give them a couple years when they're flinging toys at one another and they'll be singing a different tune.

Anonymous said...

Dear Stranger,
Will you believe if I tell you that I cried while I read your post?
I am expecting my #2 and my son will be 2.5 when #2 arrives (a boy). I am UNBELIVABLY worried for that biggest encounter of my life. I wish so hard for him to love the little brother that is on his way or at least do not feel forsaken and sad.
Please tell me there is some hope....