Friday, October 31, 2008

He's sensing a theme ...

HIM: "So. What am I going to be for Halloween?"

ME: "You are going to be a shark ... like Silas ... Only, technically, you are going to be EATEN by a shark.

HIM: "COOL. ... What are you going to be?"

ME: "Well, Annabel wanted me to be a mermaid like her this year ..."


ME: "... but I thought I'd me more comfortable if I went as a gorilla dressed like a mermaid ... So I got the costume a size larger."

"Arrrgh ... Rats."


kimmyk said...

i can not wait for these pics!

Binky said...

Oh my God. That's hilarious. But I think you could've pulled off the human mermaid with flying colors.

apathy lounge said...

So funny! I know my husband would LOVE it if I went as a mermaid. Unfortunately, "the girls" just aren't up to the job...if you know what I mean.b