Saturday, October 25, 2008

I'd like to thank ...

Sarah at Mostly BassAckwards has made my cheeks all pinky-red by naming me a Creative Kreativ Blogger.

I'm terribly flattered even though I don't often think of myself as being creative in much else beside spelling.

The award is also a kind of prompt in which I am supposed to tell you six things I value and six things I do not value. This is really tough for me to list, but here goes:

I value people. (What? I do).
I value ideas.
I value appologies.
I value shockingly dismal attempts at humor.
I value rainy days.
I value smiles from strangers.

I do not value the word "boredom."
I do not value blind intollerance.
I do not value things that come with hefty pricetags.
I do not value values disguised as anything other than "doing unto others as thou would have done onto themselves" even though I've lost my religion long ago.
I do not value perfection.

But perhaps most of all ...

I do not value people enough.

And in that spirit, I am happy to pass on the mantle to some other, much more shockingly creative folks, who have inspired me to steal their ideas stretch my limited abilities. And whom I haven't told how much they have influenced me:

John Watson has more talent in the thoughts he discards than in the ones that I run with. No lie.

Firestarter ... I don't even know this guy's real name. But he's burning with incendiary ideas that aren't for the squeemish (which means your boss won't approve). He's got his fingers on the pulse of America, which makes PERFECT SENSE. He's Canadian.

Mary Beth better write a book. Or I will hunt her down and tickle her. No one wants that.

Julie K. is crazy talented with the arts and crafts; and crazy generous with her knowledge.

Binky is so creative and amazingly gifted with words that she doesn't even know what to do with herself when she has free time.

And Stephanie ... oh, Stephanie. I don't know where you've gone. But I'll always be waiting for your return.


Firestarter5 said...

I have ideas? OK, if she says so.

Here's my idea: Vote for Obama

Save the world.

toyfoto said...

half-nekked thursdays could save the world, too.

Firestarter5 said...

Now you're talkin'!

supa said...

praise from you is high praise indeed. i'd even take the tickle torture.

i like your lists. i'll have to start thinking of my own.

Binky said...

Thank you! I'm really flattered since you definitely know creativity--and not just in the area of spelling :) Thanks also because this will give me something to post about since I've obligated myself to post everyday in Nov. for NaBloPoMo.

You talk a big game about these half-nekked Thursdays, but then you wear a gorilla suit under your mermaid bikini. I'm calling bullshit!

toyfoto said...

Bullshit? Naw!

A girl can look, right? She just doesn't have to subject the world to her saggy, cottage-cheesy physique.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again! I posted about it on my tags/awards page