Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Driving Miss Crazy

Ok. So there are those among you who live in areas of the world where winter driving means more than dealing with a few extra days of rain. Like me, you live in an area where ice and sleet and snow pile up overnight and seemingly out of nowhere.

Because you are SO well trained in tranversing the universe in the midst of inclement weather you, no doubt, have advice for the rest of us.

The radio announcers among you DELIGHT in telling folks to take it slow, whereas the rest of the driving public (you know who you are) are souped up and ready to mow down any people who actually take it slow.

Can you guess which group I'm driving with?

You betya. I'm at the head of the pack of slowpokes holding up the procession.

You HATE me.

You blame me for causing accidents.

I know, you do. Don't try to deny it; I'm married to one of you souped-up winter drivers, who believes, in his heart of hearts, that the overly cautious should just stay home.

Now ... granted, there are some folks whose caution -- let's say, STOPPING where they should yeild -- does tend to lead to unsafe conditions under normal circumstances. But I'm not talking about normal circumstances. I'm talking about the roadway ahead is just one, big sheet of ice and the car you are navigating is sliding ALL OVER IT.

ME: "If I know my car would be out of control why would I speed up?"

HIM: "Because your car IS NOT out of control and the chance remains that you could cause someone behind you to lose control if they can't stop. ..."

ME: "Because they're driving too fast?"

HIM: "Well ... That's one way to look at it. Another way is that you are driving too slow."

ME: "Yes, but if you were driving slower on this really crapy, winter day you wouldn't come up too fast on a slow-moving car and lose control, now would you?"


lori said...

Sadly, this sounds a great deal like the conversation on this topic in my own marriage. Alas, I think I tend to be the Jed in my duo. I'm chastened.

kittenpie said...

I'm with you. Or, you know, would be if I drove.

Binky said...

Sounds like something Jed and my husband can commiserate about next time we get together.