Monday, January 12, 2009

So ... we took a wrong turn on the way to a friend's birthday party

tooth story , originally uploaded by toyfoto.

But I have a tendency to do that kinda thing, so I stopped BEFORE I wound up in the wrong town, and turned around in someone's nicely plowed (but still snowy) driveway.

I was pulling back onto the roadway when excitement exploded in the backseat. (That's when the shriek came from that general direction, anyway).


My! Wiggly! Tooth! Came! Out! My! Wiggly! Tooth! Came! Out! My! Wiggly! Tooth! Came! Out! My! Wiggly! Tooth! Came! Out!

I turned around and nearly panicked at what I saw. Annabel's mouth and hands were stained a deep dark red. She was cradelling what I correctly assumed was the wiggly tooth.

A multitude of diffrent thoughts attacked my brain: "... What the ...? Is that blood? I don't remember primary teeth bleeding that profusely? Thankfully she didn't swallow it." ... and finally "... Oh yeah ... she had that leftover strawberry shake thing from the day before that I never removed from her carseat's cupholder. ... It must have been frozen."

Which was indeed the case. The red hands and face were from trying to claw the drink into fluidity again.

Of course, she still scared the pants off some of the other parents at the party. They hadn't remember baby teeth to bleed, either.


Whirlwind said...

FYI - The top teeth, bleed. Alot!

toyfoto said...

Oh no!

Anonymous said...

I was going to say that I seem to remember some blood after losing a tooth...the natural way.

Looks like the ol Toothfairy pays up pretty well...I may have to knock a few teeth out of my head for some beer money.

toyfoto said...

The toothfairy is really the hardest working magical being. He/She has to show up without much warning ... unlike The Big Guy, Santa, who has a set day.

Somedays she has nothing in her wallet smaller than a five.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh...but now, anything less than a five for each and every tooth will be considered a jip by the Toothfairy...They remember!!

Later, Kcoz

toyfoto said...

That's what my mom said: A FIVE! The toothfairy brought her a FIVE! Jeeze-louise! By the time all her teeth come out that poor fairy'll be broke!

clickmom said...

My kids always let their teeth dangle on mere threads for days before they fell out. They don't bleed at all when they have been long time danglers.

Binky said...

I will learn from this, and make sure I start keeping change around as soon as one of my daughter's teeth so much as wiggles. I can't be setting any five dollar precedents ;)

Your litte girl is growing up!

kblanz said...

They have gold dollar coins at the bank. I went and got a roll of them -- my son gets two for each tooth. He is losing the teeth so fast I have to be ready for anything. : ) He thinks he's getting real gold and (for now) I'm not telling him any different!