Monday, January 26, 2009

It has come to my attention that I may be incorrectly calling myself a 'mother'

... As I peer over the shoulder of a friend, who has been assisting both of our children at the stove in the making of puffed rice marshmallow treats.

ME: "I'm just peeking ... I've never made these."

HER: "And you call yourself a mother. ..."


See? Poor little deprived Silas. Never had a crispy treat before some other mom made it for him.


Leighann said...

So that's the measure of motherhood?

I don't think I've ever made rice crispy treats with my kids.

Anonymous said...

I thought your "strawberry toddler cobbler" looked far more appetizing than marshmallow mortared cereal.

And probably more nutritious as well.

Later, Kcoz

kimmyk said...

OMG. You're so fired.
So so so fired.

I should call children's services right now huh?

Oh but then they'd wonder when the last time I made my children rice krispy treats was and I'd have to say the last time I bought 'em in a box at the grocery store cause really they are kind of a pain to make what with marshmallow stickage everywhere.

So time try putting choco chips or butterscotch chips on 'em and smear 'em about YUM!

I should bake today....

Cara said...

Don't feel bad, I got a call from the daycare to tell me that "all the other kids brought their snow boots to go outside and Francesco didn't have any". I am still learning this Mom gig.