Sunday, January 25, 2009

Subliminal messages

j, originally uploaded by toyfoto.

HIM: You know every time I go to use the toilet I find a "J" in the bowl ... Are you throwing it in there or is Silas?"

ME: *giggling*

HIM: ... I'm beginning to get a complex.


Bill said...

Perhaps I'm a bit tired, but I don't get it... Regardless, that's one "J" that would be going right to the garbage can in my house!

Anonymous said...

Silas must be visually stimulated by the letter "J". Weather he likes it or dislikes it depends on how he interprets throwing things into the it just fun to do, or to flush things from the house.

Later, Kcoz

toyfoto said...

My theory? J has been the letter within reach on the fridge and Silas just LOVES throwing things in the bowl. He can sense when the lid has been left up (although now he can lift it himself ... thanks to Jed and his self-closing lid).

He only has himself to blame. ... Hee hee.

Anonymous said...

I never considered the "with in reach" scenario.

I should have requested crime scene photos.

Later, Kcoz