Thursday, January 29, 2009

Random Question Thursday

walk/ride , originally uploaded by toyfoto.

Walk or ride?

I tend to take the stairs. But if I take the escalator I usually walk on them, too. I like the sensation of being able to walk at a running pace.

Of course, If I take the elevator I jump up and down. ... Some people say that provides the sense of flying. I'm not convinced.


Bridget said...

I take the stairs, too. I mostly take the escalator in airports when I have luggage. I like to stay still on the escalator because I enjoy being still while moving forward.

clickmom said...

Depends if I'm wearing a dry clean only shirt or not. If not then it's stairs at a running pace, because you gotta get it when you can. Exercise that is. Unless it's a dry clean only shirt, then the escalator.

Anonymous said...

Both, but not at the same time.

jasi said...

Terrified of escalators. But I get over it if I'm carrying my two little ones. Walk alone, walk with one, ride with two.

Binky said...

I admire your optimism. Maybe one day it WILL feel like flying.