Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I don't think so

ITTYBIT: Your favorite is Mike Coldcowski.

MAMA: *blinking* *and looking around wondering what in the world brought forth this declaration* Uh ... What?.

ITTYBIT: Mike Coldcowski! Mike Coldcowski! He's your favorite monster from Monster's Inc.

MAMA: You mean Mike Wazowski.

ITTYBIT: That's what I said.

MAMA: Actually, I think I'm more partial to Sully.

ITTYBIT: You mean Kitty.

MAMA: That's what I said.


down side up & right side in said...

That photo is equal parts precious and frightening. Love it.

apathy lounge said...

See? This is why I need more little kids in my life. I have NO idea who Sully is.

toyfoto said...

James P. Sullivan is the big blue guy, also known as Sully.

Cara said...

I just love child logic!