Monday, May 12, 2008

How was your Mother's Day?

From our room at the Mirror Lake Inn I schlepped down four floors to the restaurant and (charging $9 to our tab) got two tiny boxes of cereal, a banana, a juice box and coffee so we could have breakfast in bed.

It was a good morning.


Whirlwind said...

What a great picture (but then again, they always are). Sounds like a great day.

I had a nice,relaxing day.

supa said...

Wait. You weren't supposed to be the one to make the breakfast in bed!

toyfoto said...

you know, you'd think that would be the way to go, Supa, until you realize getting to be alone with a coffee urn is a joy in itself.

Mom101 said...

I absolutely love that photo. We've spent so many nights in hotels with the kids, it brings up all sorts of lovely memories.

(And that second act photo below is just spectacular.)

mamatulip said...

Looks like it.