Tuesday, May 20, 2008

She's not a follower

sheep, originally uploaded by toyfoto.

ITTYBIT: Papa and I went to the sheep farm today. Well, actually, we went with Elias and Mike. Mike drove. He told Elias to hold my hand but he put his hand in his pocket. I said he sometimes does that. It's ok. I don't mind.

The farm was really cool though. They had sheep and lambs and lots of things. The sheep have tags in their ears with their names on it; only they have numbers for names, which I think is pretty weird. They also get hooked up to machines and they milk them. They get a lot of milk. And then they make it into cheese and yogurt. I didn't like the yogurt though. Nobody did. The cheese was pretty good, though. I did like that. ... We had lots of snack back at school. We had grapes and honey dews, and the sheep cheese and crackers ... But it was funny. Elias didn't eat any snack ... not a bit.

MAMA: Well, what about the farm? Was there anything else?

ITTYBIT: Oh. Yeah. The farm. ... it was pretty great. Papa really had a good time. He even bought some blue cheese. He's going to leave it in our refrigerator. They showed us the cheese. It was in a thing and the blue cheese was at the top and the white cheese was at the bottom.

MAMA: Did you see any sheep getting sheared?

ITTYBIT: No. Wait. What does that mean? Sherrrrr?

MAMA: When sheep get their fur trimmed it's called shearing.

ITTYBIT: No. No. We didn't see that. But I did ask the farmer why that had a big fan in the barn.


MAMA: Well. What did he say?

ITTYBIT: 'You ask really good questions.'


MAMA: But what did he say the fan was for?

ITTYBIT: Oh, he said it just keeps the workers cool.


apathy lounge said...

Sheep shearing. Try to say that five times really fast.

SabrinaT said...

HA HA! Those were all good questions!