Tuesday, May 13, 2008

You can't stop progress

I would like you to move, originally uploaded by toyfoto.

But that doesn't stop me from trying.

I watch him struggle to his feet in the tub. It is with confidence and authority that I tell him to "sit down." Standing in the tub is not advisable for the less ambulatory among us. So many unnecessary accidents happen in the bathroom.

He struggles to his feet in the livingroom, gripping the sofa with both hands. I don't want him to walk. Not yet. He's still a baby; my baby.

But I can't really tell him to sit down.

Not with Jed sitting nearby with his one eyebrow raised anyway.

So I laugh, and tell him in unskilled French: "asseyez-toi, si vous plait."

It doesn't hurt any if he doesn't know what I'm saying, right?


Mimilagrenouille said...

In french it would be "assied-toi" or "assez-vous" ;-)

Beautiful photograph!

Mimilagrenouille said...

I meant "asseyez-vous", sorry for the typing mistake... It's midnight in France, I may be tired ;-)

toyfoto said...

I'm just so glad you can't HEAR me butcher it, too.

Andrea said...

No! Can't be walking! Already???

toyfoto said...

He's just starting to cruise. He's not really walking on his own. His sister WAS walking at 10 months. So if he follows his sister's progression (she cruised at 8 months) he'll be walking in July.