Thursday, May 29, 2008

What yesterday taught me

The universe is a joker. It's a little like that kid you always ran into in high school as you were running to fourth-period Earth Science. Remember him? He was the one carrying not a single book, and yet he'd always manage to step right into your path. You tried to avoid him but you'd end up sidestepping as he eased into the same collision course again.

He'd smile a satanic grin just before saying: "Shall we dance?"

Eventually you'd end up spilling the leaning tower of school books you balanced in your arms anyway. You'd hear his laughter dissappear down the hall as you picked up your things. Alone.

He is the Universe conspiring against you. You hate him.

But underneath all false starts and bad vibes, there's still no denying that jackass of a universe has a secret crush on you.

Perhaps yesterday the universe was just trying to tell me something: "The light at 8 p.m. is just so much better the light at 8 a.m. anyway."

Thanks universe. Now how about tinkering a little with that Check Engine light?


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous baby and another very nice picture…and of course very beautiful jacket.
Can I ask where did you get it from?

toyfoto said...

Jacket was a gift from the Hanna Andersson catalogue, 2003 season