Wednesday, May 07, 2008

You know where this is going, right?

you know where this is going, originally uploaded by toyfoto.

This little pea stone is going right in the boy's mouth.

No hesitation. No awkward fumbling over fingers and thumbs.

Right in.

He doesn't eat more than a thimbleful of genuine food items in any given day.

A bit of banana here, a taste of yogurt there.

He'll gum graham crackers until they are a taupe-colored paste and he'll share most of his Oatio's with the dog. Then he squirms to get down and prowl the kitchen for leftover cracker crumbs and pieces of dog kibble.

So why am I surprised that out on the playground these little rock morsels wouldn't seem like a delicacy?


Leeanthro said...

I've pulled out two lady bugs and several handfuls of recycled rubber tire mulch from my boy's mouth.

I keep wondering if the ladybugs were alive or dead upon consumption.

Heather said...

So you have one of those kids too?? :-) I just pulled a rock out of our dryer this week. I've also had to take out of his mouth, gravel, rocks, grass, dog toys, cat food, dog food, etc., etc.

rachel said...

Found your delightful site via Shutter Sisters.

Had to comment - watch out for the nasal cavities. No kids for me yet, but I'm the oldest of 5 kids for my parents.

One brother put a pea in his nose at the dinner table once, and one sister came home with a pebble in her nose.

Just a heads up. ;)

Keep up the great work as a mother & blogger! :)