Wednesday, May 14, 2008

She knows how to push buttons

damn hell bathroom, originally uploaded by toyfoto.

It never fails. As soon as you get to where you are going the preschool set needs to use the facilities. Doesn't matter if you've gone ten miles or ten feet, nature's call has a strong desire to see the decor and smell the handsoaps.

If the place has anything interesting at all -- an automatic hand dryer for instance -- you are destined to make multiple trips to the lav during the course of your shopping experience.

Potty training does have it's price after all. You might as well put the savings you gain from skipping the diapers aisle directly into the unnecessary things you will buy so as not to look like a schnorrer whenever your kid needs to use the washroom at a store that doesn't legally have to provide them to patrons.

"Oh, mama. Can you pick me up? I can't reach the sink. Look! The walls are purple. And they have that blowdryer thing on the wall. I want to push it again ... and again ... and again. Just one more time? Pleeeeeeeeeeeese oh Plaaaaaaaahhhhhhzzzzzz."


Binky said...

I'm right there with you. Thanks for helping me laugh about it. Sometimes I fail to see the humor while these situations are actually happening to me ;)

Baccus Family said...

Seriously! My son announces his need for the facilities NOT by saying, "I have to go potty.", but by saying, "I'm going potty." Hearing this sets my into a mad dash through Walmart - dodging shoppers, carts, employees and everything else.

He loves the hand dryer too. :)

Anonymous said...

I would give my eye teeth to be able to deal with bathrooms as nice as that! No squat toilets... I'll stop there.